Smart Campus

College/School campus were facing multiple, unrelated programs and methods of managing their operations that had evolved over time. Pursuit Software decided to find a comprehensive solution based on advanced emerging technology that could manage all campus operations, for its highly sophisticated student information system, database, and configuration with superior functionality.

“SMART CAMPUS” has been designed to enable institutions to improve the management of the entire student cycle of an institution. The suite offers a comprehensive, highly configurable and scalable answer to college’s growing need for fully-unified, integrated systems to manage recruiting and admissions, academic records, transportation, hostels, financial accounting and human resources.Institutions of all types, from Colleges to multi-campus, universities benefit from a framework to manage the fundamental administration of higher education with simplicity and ease. Built on a reliable, easy to manage platform, SMART CAMPUS remains a solution of choice for growth-oriented schools, colleges, professional institutes and universities seeking proven value.

Flexible administrative solutions that enhance operational excellence, rapid implementation, proven user training, and superior support services distinguish “Smart Campus” ERP Suite for higher education. Campus Management’s commitment to continuously evolving its technology has resulted in a vast, long-term enterprise solution capable of millions of daily transactions, providing real-time operational visibility across departments and multiple campuses.