Tradezy – Point of Sale software developed by  us using Modern Technology framework to improve productivity and decrease running cost for different types of retail chain and individual outlets. Tradezy is a flexible point-of-sale solution that combines the speed and ease of use of Retail applications with the features and power of an integrated Enterprise system. This dynamic application is effective for both walk-in and on-account sales and provides complete integration with purchasing for special orders. With complete bar code scanning, Serial numbers can be scanned to track warranty items. Users can check stock across all locations, view substitutions, complimentary items, and unlimited user defined item specifications. Additional features include; password protection for returns and price changes, sales rep tracking. We form long term relationships with our clients. Uses the best function throughout the entire program. This enables the computer to work faster and more efficiently so you can get your work done quicker. We can create programs specifically built and written for your business need.

SPECIAL FEATURES:1. Complete POS Inventory & Accounting Management
2. BARCODE Scanning & Printing
3. Easy & Fast Billing
4. Size wise Stock & Billing
5. Multi Discounts
6. Special Size wise Invoice Format & Reports
7. Multi Stores
8. Easy Purchase & Billing (All Size in one selection)
9. Set of Items (Selected Items Sales on Single Selection)